About Team

Martini Emanuel, Tours Planner

Martini began his career as a porter, carrying supplies to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. He has always been passionate about nature and wildlife and attended college to become an international tour guide. Martin now has over 9 years experience in both safaris and guiding tourists, and is an expert in mountain climbing and guide, having ascended to the top of Kilimanjaro over 100 times. He is knowledgeable about first aid, and his first priority is ensuring the safety of the client. Martin respects both nature and humanity, and you can trust that you will have a safe and enjoyable experience while under Martin’s care.

Kenneth Pwelle, Mountain Climbing Expert

I started my career as a porter over 5 years ago while also studying about mountain climbing and tour guide. In 2012, I stopped working and went to get my certificate in Tour Guide. Thereafter, I was able to join the Wilderness First Response training which equipped me with all the necessary skills to properly lead visitors in mountain climbing. Since completing my studies I was able to get over 95% of our visitors to the helm of Mt Kilimanjaro. One my biggest achievements as a mountain climbing expert have been the time I was able to climb Mt Kilimanjaro in two days (up and down trips). Visitors are always in safe hands when climbing mountain Kilimanjaro and of course doing other adventurous and fun activities with us.


The founders and managing partners of Arctic Tanzania Adventure Limited (ATA) are young, energetic and resourceful, full of enthusiasm and ready to create memorable experiences for all and for all individuals, Locals, Nationals and International tourists. KARIBUNI SANA…..WELCOME, ALL.