Maio waterfalls

This is one of the best waterfalls that we have seen so far on the slopes of mount Meru, despite its small size. The pools next to it hold catfish - a spectacular site at this altitude, and there is a natural evergreen lawn that serves as a picnic site. It is small in size when compared to other falls on the mountain, with a height from top to bottom of about 3 metres. Hike or drive to the place and have a picnic, as well as enjoy the sights. We have no Idea how the catfish got up here, but they do add to the liveliness and beauty of the place. For animal lovers and birdwatchers alike, this may be your chance to do your thing. When done, there is a whole park and a mountain waiting for you to explore, with many other options for accommodation (campsites, hotels and rest houses) so that you don't really have to leave until you actually are done.