Ruaha National Park

Ruaha is one of the best big game parks in Tanzania. Wildlife in Ruaha is concentrated along the great Ruaha River that is the park’s lifeblood. The river is a torrent after the rains, dwindling to a few precious pools of water surrounded by a sweep of sand in the dry season. It has remarkable scenery and the chance to see big cats is high. In Ruaha lions, leopards, cheetah and wild dog are the main predators but you can also see serval and caracal. Ruaha is home to several notable birds including the Ruaha red billed hornbill.

Covering 13,, this relatively new and undisturbed park is Tanzania's third largest park and the largest elephant sanctuary. It lies 130km west of Iringa its name derives from the great Ruaha River which flows along it's entire eastern border creating spectacular gorges and scenery. Hippo, crocodile, turtle and fish inhabit the river. The park is also known for its concentration of elephants.